A Twins Story

Janara are wreaking havoc on Rosa and Emilio’s farm with their nightly mischiefs. Father blames Rosa for everything that goes wrong, and it’s up to the Twins and their friends to stop the Janara. But who can give them the help they need? The fortune-teller Zia Pia? Or a person you’d never suspect?

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“Loosely based on folklore and decorated with Blackall’s two-color drawings of elfin figures in country dress on nearly every page, the COMICAL tale kicks off a projected series set in the picturesque town.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Caldecott Medalist Blackall’s two-color illustrations aid in decoding some of the references, while adding a SWEET, PLAYFUL touch and occasionally calling to mind the work of Wanda Gág. An old-world atmosphere and prickly sibling rivalry make the book read like a CLASSIC fairy tale, while an undercurrent of mystery paves the way for future books.”Publishers Weekly

“Blackall’s DISTINCTIVE illustrations are a CHARMING blend of expressive drawings complemented with shades of blue. Marciano ends the storywith a mysterious plot twist begging to be solved. Verdict: Magical spells and amusing characters with distinctive personalities, coupled with an ENGAGING story with a twist, WILL CAPTIVATE READERS AND LEAVE THEM CLAMORING for future stories centered on the other cousins.”School Library Journal

“In this first of four novels about Benevento, Marciano builds A CHARMING ENVIRONMENT OF MAGIC AND TRICKERY using a pleasantly old-fashioned tone to tell gently scary stories of witches and spirits. Blackall’s beautiful two-color illustrations, in shades of gray and blue, adorn almost every page and contribute significantly to the antique look of the whole package. This REFRESHINGLY UNUSUAL tale will appeal to kids in love with fairy tales.”—Booklist